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The Top 23 Ways To Protect Yourself In 2023 (Ep.14)

Let’s make 2023 a positive year to remember!

In this episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen list 23 suggestions on how you can protect yourself when it comes to accidents, insurance companies, medical care and when choosing your attorney.

Julie and Christina discuss: 

  • What you can do to stay safe on the road
  • How important it is that you seek medical help if you’ve been in an accident
  • Why your insurance company isn’t always your friend
  • How you can pick an attorney that best suits your needs
  • And more


Connect with Julie and Christina:


Be Your Own Brand with Mary Schrank (Ep.13)

Happy New Year!

This year we want to continue to bring you episodes that not only educate and inform, but also make you laugh, inspire you, and maybe even help you look within yourself to make a change.

Just like today’s guest! 

Mary Schrank was sick of yo-yo dieting and knew she wasn’t living her best life. With determination and daily commitment, she reinvented herself and now is someone that others look up to! 

Join Julie and Christina as they chat with Mary about her journey of leaving corporate America to become a Health and Wellness Coach.

Mary discusses: 

  • How she promotes her brand and how she’s gained a community of 450k people
  • Marketing strategies that helped her go from amateur to influencer 
  • Why wellness mentorship is more personalized now than in the past
  • How to deal with negative people that try to dampen your spirits
  • And more


Connect with Julie and Christina:

Connect with Mary Schrank:

About our Guest: 

Mary Schrank is a health and wellness coach as well as a business mentor. Mary spent 23 years as a corporate executive climbing the corporate ladder, went to college at Towson University and got a degree in health service management. Mary has spent most of her adult life in healthcare and has now chosen to work in the wellness industry by sharing her expertise with people one-on-one and on social media!


Family Law with Lora Howell (Ep. 12)

Meeting the right people at the right time is such an amazing feeling, especially when it comes to finding the perfect colleagues!

In this episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen invite the newest member of Luhrsen Goldberg on the podcast, Lora Howell! 

Lora is here to discuss why she is so passionate about family law, why she decided to go to law school at 36, and even some of the pettiest things couples have fought about during a divorce.

Tune in as Lora discusses: 

  • Some of the lesser known facts about family law
  • A few real-life divorce stories
  • The stigma behind prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • And more


Connect with Julie and Christina:

Connect with Lora Howell:

About our Guest: 

Lora L. Howell has been a member of the Florida Bar since 2007 and has focused her practice in the areas of Family Law, Foreclosure Litigation, and Civil Litigation.

Lora was born and raised in Mooresville, Indiana. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Indiana University in 1994. She graduated on the Dean’s List and was a member of the Political Science Honor Society, Pi Sigma Alpha. She was the recipient of a Rotary Foundation Scholarship where she studied abroad at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador en la facultad de Jurisprudencia. She earned her Juris Doctor Degree from Florida State University College of Law where she was a member of the Jessup Moot Court Team and the Women’s Law Symposium President.

Lora is currently active in several professional organizations as well as community groups.


Lyrics and Laws: Breaking Down 8 Popular Holiday Songs (Ep. 11)

Happy holidays! 

There’s nothing like celebrating the festive season with some favorite holiday songs! But, did you know that some of them have hidden meanings?

In this episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen enlighten us with their top eight holiday songs and highlight their ‘true meaning’ as they pertain to Florida laws. 

Grab some eggnog and join Christina and Julie as they discuss: 

  • Why homeowners insurance companies are leaving the state of Florida
  • How property damage claims are literally hitting the roof
  • Why according to local burn laws it’s okay to roast chestnuts
  • The dangers of DUI, and their shocking statistics 
  • And more


Connect with Julie and Christina:



Navigating The Feelings of Grief and Isolation with Melissa Wandall (Ep. 10)

Losing a loved one is never going to be easy. The only thing you can do is learn to build yourself back up and find strength.

What can you do to better manage these isolating emotions?

In this episode, we invite Melissa Wandall, President of the National Coalition for Safer Roads, to discuss how she overcame the devastating event of losing her husband while 9 months pregnant with their daughter.

Melissa discusses: 

  • Her inspirational story of becoming the President of the National Coalition for Safer Roads
  • Her experience with healing, gaining strength, and persistence after losing her husband in a car accident
  • Resiliency and how to “not let the sword touch you”
  • The program she is affiliated with that supports children who have lost their parents and its impact on the community
  • And more


Connect with Julie and Christina:

Connect with Melissa Wandall:

About our Guest: 

Melissa Wandall’s story is one of tragedy and hope, one of inspiration and faith.  Melissa was widowed at nine months pregnant – 19 years ago.  Mother to the most beautiful Madisyn Grace, Melissa swore to her husband that she would raise a happy baby, one born into love, not loss.  And she has done exactly that – We can attest to the courage and kind hearts of both Melissa and Madisyn.  Melissa aims to equip, uplift, and resource individuals and organizations. Melissa is the President of the National Coalition for Safer Roads, Founder and President of the Mark Wandall Foundation, a spokesperson and campaign ambassador for Alert Today Florida, and an independent Advocacy Consultant.


Estate Planning: From The Ultra-Wealthy To The Working Class With Neil Lyons (Ep.9)

Law Powered By Women does not mean that men are not allowed to be part of what we do here at Luhrsen Goldberg!

Because in this episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen invite Neil Lyons, fellow associate attorney at Luhrsen Goldberg, onto the show to discuss some must-know estate planning tips! He also shares some professional stories about helping people create an estate plan when their family dynamic is far from normal.

Neil discusses: 

  • How his role as an estate planner at Luhrsen Goldberg enriches their services
  • How he handles uncomfortable family dynamics when formulating an estate plan
  • His opinion on the Britney Spears conservatorship case
  • What it’s like working in an office as the only man
  • And more

Connect with Julie and Christina:

Connect with Neil Lyons:

About our Guest: 

Neil Lyons is a fellow associate attorney at Luhrsen Goldberg and is here to share his expertise about estate planning. He attended the University of South Florida for his undergraduate and then Stetson University College of Law for law school. Additionally, Neil is the only man that works at Luhrsen Goldberg!



From Military to Mentorship with Maria Chapa Lopez (Ep. 8)

Everyone has a story about the path that led them to where they are, and in this episode, we hear from Julie’s former JAG Corps friend and colleague, Maria Chapa Lopez. 

Join the ladies as they reminisce about their Army days and relive the stories of how Maria’s path from Army officer to federal prosecutor to the US Attorney for the Middle District of Florida to now her work as a Legal Consultant for the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime. 

Listen as Maria shares:

  • How mentorship is important and can formulate ever-lasting relationships
  • The moment she knew she was destined for a career in law
  • How her Dad gave her the courage to follow her dreams
  • Stories of her time in the military with Julie 
  • And more


Connect with Julie and Christina:

Connect with Maria Chapa Lopez:

About our Guest: 

During her legal career, she has been privileged to serve her country and community in various capacities. She has served as a United States Army JAG Officer, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; as an Assistant United States Attorney dismantling transnational drug trafficking organizations; and as a Deputy Attaché in Mexico. During her tenure in Mexico, she worked closely with our Mexican Justice and Law Enforcement counterparts, as well as with other international stakeholders to disrupt cross-border criminal activity. As the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Florida, she continued to serve her country as the top law enforcement officer for one of the largest districts in the country.  Today, she continues her work helping combat the drug war by working as a legal consultant to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime



Lessons Learned with Julie and Christina (Ep. 7)

Life is full of lessons, and a lot of them are learned through trial and error. 

In this episode, Christina and Julie uncover what they have learned as lawyers, and as female business owners. During their conversation, they provide real-life examples, as well as the reasons why they think these lessons are worth learning.

Join them as they discuss: 

  • Why it’s important to set and manage expectations
  • How undisclosed priors could make or break your case
  • The role social media may play in bodily injury cases
  • What “Living Out Loud” means to them
  • And more


The Florida Bar

Connect with Julie and Christina:



Becoming A CEO With Allison Imre Perkowski (Ep. 6)

Starting a new business is hard, but what if you became the owner of a business that has been around for 15 years? 

In this episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen invite President, CEO, and Owner of Grapevine Communications, Allison Imre Perkowski, to discuss her journey into the world of marketing, advertising, and creative writing. 

Allison highlights how she became the company’s owner, and how she shares her company’s vision within her community.

Allison discusses: 

  • How a quick decision over a glass of wine turned her into a business owner
  • Why she believes marketing and communications is a part of her DNA
  • Marketing strategies her team uses to interconnect a client’s brand 
  • How she was surprised to have won a Woman-Owned Business Award
  • And more


Connect with Julie and Christina:

Connect with Alison Imre Perkowski:

About our Guest: 

Allison joined the Grapevine family in 2017 as president and owner after a decade working in advertising for the #1 media company in the country. Her focus on enhancing client brand awareness and executing integrated marketing campaigns in broadcast, events and digital/social made her the perfect fit for the Grapevine culture.

As a graduate of the esteemed University of Kansas School of Communications, Allison launched her professional career working with the Marketing Director of the Kansas City Royals and coordinating the season broadcast on their national Radio Network. It was here that she combined her love of radio with sports.

Allison is well-traveled, having lived in Kansas, the Virgin Islands, New Orleans, Tampa, San Diego, and Lake Tahoe before she found her home in Sarasota in 2003.

Beginning in 2007, Allison worked with iHeart Media as a Senior Account Executive, collaborating with clients such as Anheuser Busch, the Baltimore Orioles, Schroeder Manatee Ranch and more. In 2011, she was recognized by Radio Ink Magazine as one of the top Account Executives in the country. In both 2011 and 2014, she was honored with the Salesperson of the Year Award.

Allison, her husband David, and their two children live in Sarasota and are proud and active members of the community, working with non-profit organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Suncoast Blood Bank, Forty Carrots Family Center, Step Up Suncoast and Sisterhood for Good.


Dr. Heather Crawford Has Your Back (Ep. 5)

That’s What She Pled wants to put a spotlight on smart, successful women who are making an impact in their industry, and in this episode, Christina and Julie do just that!

Meet Dr. Heather Crawford, a cheerleader turned chiropractor that found her path to doctorhood was properly aligned. Hear how she went from judging competitions across the country to owning a practice that sees little miracles everyday, and how she has faced obstacles with a “don’t be average” attitude.

In this episode, Heather shares: 

  • The event in her life that inspired her to become a chiropractor
  • How she strives to make her practice fun for her staff and clients
  • Why she ignores the stigma that women should not lift heavy weights
  • How her team handles preconceived notions about chiropractic treatments
  • And more

Connect with Dr. Heather Crawford:

Connect with Julie & Christina:

About our Guest: 

Dr. Heather Crawford is originally from central Pennsylvania, Dr. Heather has lived in Bradenton since the age of 9. As a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology, the body has always fascinated her. After completion of her undergraduate degree at FSU, she set her sights on Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida.

Dr. Heather Crawford’s passion and purpose is to help others feel better throughout their daily lives. Whether it’s to help athletic performance, help little ones with ear aches and colic, or maintain function in the elderly, chiropractic care helps the body heal itself naturally. Dr. Heather is excited to help heal her hometown community naturally through chiropractic care and active rehabilitation. Please call today to schedule your free consultation and learn how chiropractic can help you!