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Be Your Own Brand with Mary Schrank (Ep.13)

Happy New Year!

This year we want to continue to bring you episodes that not only educate and inform, but also make you laugh, inspire you, and maybe even help you look within yourself to make a change.

Just like today’s guest! 

Mary Schrank was sick of yo-yo dieting and knew she wasn’t living her best life. With determination and daily commitment, she reinvented herself and now is someone that others look up to! 

Join Julie and Christina as they chat with Mary about her journey of leaving corporate America to become a Health and Wellness Coach.

Mary discusses: 

  • How she promotes her brand and how she’s gained a community of 450k people
  • Marketing strategies that helped her go from amateur to influencer 
  • Why wellness mentorship is more personalized now than in the past
  • How to deal with negative people that try to dampen your spirits
  • And more


Connect with Julie and Christina:

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About our Guest: 

Mary Schrank is a health and wellness coach as well as a business mentor. Mary spent 23 years as a corporate executive climbing the corporate ladder, went to college at Towson University and got a degree in health service management. Mary has spent most of her adult life in healthcare and has now chosen to work in the wellness industry by sharing her expertise with people one-on-one and on social media!