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Injury Law: Florida’s Latest Legislation Changes (Ep. 19)

In March 2023, Florida introduced new legislation related to personal injury law. The changes represent a significant shift in the legal landscape, and we need to talk about it!

Tune in to hear the new law’s key provisions and its potential impact on accident victims and their ability to seek compensation. Plus we share our thoughts, and feelings on how the new legislation will affect Law Powered By Women, our partners, and most importantly, our clients.

Join us as we get candid about:

  • How the legislation changes will  impact injury law in the state of Florida
  • What do these changes mean for clients that are currently working with injury attorneys
  • The impact this has on accident victims and their ability to seek compensation
  • How the process of filing a claim will change for victims
  • And more


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From Military to Mentorship with Maria Chapa Lopez (Ep. 8)

Everyone has a story about the path that led them to where they are, and in this episode, we hear from Julie’s former JAG Corps friend and colleague, Maria Chapa Lopez. 

Join the ladies as they reminisce about their Army days and relive the stories of how Maria’s path from Army officer to federal prosecutor to the US Attorney for the Middle District of Florida to now her work as a Legal Consultant for the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime. 

Listen as Maria shares:

  • How mentorship is important and can formulate ever-lasting relationships
  • The moment she knew she was destined for a career in law
  • How her Dad gave her the courage to follow her dreams
  • Stories of her time in the military with Julie 
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

During her legal career, she has been privileged to serve her country and community in various capacities. She has served as a United States Army JAG Officer, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; as an Assistant United States Attorney dismantling transnational drug trafficking organizations; and as a Deputy Attaché in Mexico. During her tenure in Mexico, she worked closely with our Mexican Justice and Law Enforcement counterparts, as well as with other international stakeholders to disrupt cross-border criminal activity. As the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Florida, she continued to serve her country as the top law enforcement officer for one of the largest districts in the country.  Today, she continues her work helping combat the drug war by working as a legal consultant to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime