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From Prince to Pauper: Lessons in Estate Planning Courtesy of Pop Culture (Ep.22)

What happens when a celebrity dies without a will?

In this episode, Neil Lyons, Esq. is back to share his knowledge of Estate Planning and provide legal insight into a few celebrity deaths and the repercussions of them not having a will or trust. 

Join Neil, Julie, and Christina as they candidly discuss:

  • Notable celebrity deaths like Prince, Whitney Houston, and Heath Ledger 
  • The Florida Slayer Statue and how convicted murders are not eligible to receive an inheritance from their victim
  • How wills can help alleviate or significantly reduce the probate process and estate taxes
  • The importance of choosing a Personal Representative (i.e. Executor)
  • And more


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About Neil Lyons:

The experience and commitment to public service and excellence that Neil brings to Luhrsen Goldberg is the perfect complement to the compassionate guidance and counsel the Lakewood Ranch and surrounding areas have come to expect and appreciate from personal injury attorneys Julie S. Luhrsen and Christina A. Goldberg. As an attorney at a firm known for Law Powered By Women®, Neil is no stranger to the support and encouragement of strong women. He credits his wife, Mary, for enabling and encouraging him to help so many through his pro bono work.


Estate Planning: From The Ultra-Wealthy To The Working Class With Neil Lyons (Ep.9)

Law Powered By Women does not mean that men are not allowed to be part of what we do here at Luhrsen Goldberg!

Because in this episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen invite Neil Lyons, fellow associate attorney at Luhrsen Goldberg, onto the show to discuss some must-know estate planning tips! He also shares some professional stories about helping people create an estate plan when their family dynamic is far from normal.

Neil discusses: 

  • How his role as an estate planner at Luhrsen Goldberg enriches their services
  • How he handles uncomfortable family dynamics when formulating an estate plan
  • His opinion on the Britney Spears conservatorship case
  • What it’s like working in an office as the only man
  • And more

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About our Guest: 

Neil Lyons is a fellow associate attorney at Luhrsen Goldberg and is here to share his expertise about estate planning. He attended the University of South Florida for his undergraduate and then Stetson University College of Law for law school. Additionally, Neil is the only man that works at Luhrsen Goldberg!



From Military to Mentorship with Maria Chapa Lopez (Ep. 8)

Everyone has a story about the path that led them to where they are, and in this episode, we hear from Julie’s former JAG Corps friend and colleague, Maria Chapa Lopez. 

Join the ladies as they reminisce about their Army days and relive the stories of how Maria’s path from Army officer to federal prosecutor to the US Attorney for the Middle District of Florida to now her work as a Legal Consultant for the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime. 

Listen as Maria shares:

  • How mentorship is important and can formulate ever-lasting relationships
  • The moment she knew she was destined for a career in law
  • How her Dad gave her the courage to follow her dreams
  • Stories of her time in the military with Julie 
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

During her legal career, she has been privileged to serve her country and community in various capacities. She has served as a United States Army JAG Officer, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; as an Assistant United States Attorney dismantling transnational drug trafficking organizations; and as a Deputy Attaché in Mexico. During her tenure in Mexico, she worked closely with our Mexican Justice and Law Enforcement counterparts, as well as with other international stakeholders to disrupt cross-border criminal activity. As the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Florida, she continued to serve her country as the top law enforcement officer for one of the largest districts in the country.  Today, she continues her work helping combat the drug war by working as a legal consultant to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime



The Personal Injury Law Cases That Received Public Attention (Ep. 3)

There have been plenty of personal injury cases that receive public attention for how mindless they seem.

But why do the victims push for a lawsuit?

In this episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen discuss personal injury law and why it seems to thrive in the state of Florida. They also discuss cases that received public attention and highlight the details the everyday person could overlook.

Julie and Christina discuss: 

  • The possible reasons why personal injury law is thriving in Florida
  • The varying requirements for vehicle insurance and liability policies throughout the United States
  • The McDonald’s personal injury case which received public attention
  • What you have to look forward to in future episodes of the show
  • And more



Introducing That’s What She Pled with Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen (Ep. 1)

It’s time to shake up the old standards of law and business!

Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen of Luhrsen Goldberg LLC are taking the industry by storm challenging stereotypes, and shattering ceilings. These two witty, intelligent, and sassy female business owners are on a mission to educate, empower, and support; not only e own clients; but other powerhouse female entrepreneurs.

Introducing That’s What She Pled with Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen.

In this inaugural episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen discuss what led them to become lawyers and what experiences in their lives sparked their passion for law, their firm’s unique approach to injury law, and so much more!

Christina and Julie discuss: 

  • How they met each other and how they built Luhrsen Goldberg together
  • Their individual journeys to becoming lawyers and what sparked their passion
  • What Luhrsen Goldberg’s team does for their clients and their unique approach to injury law
  • The varying experiences of being a driven business women in the law industry
  • And more

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