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Tearing the Lid off Silly Class-Action Lawsuits (Ep. 24)

Class-action lawsuits have long been a powerful tool for individuals to seek justice when they face common issues or grievances. They allow a group of people, often facing similar harm or injustice, to join forces and pursue legal action collectively, amplifying their voices and resources.

But sometimes, they are also just plain absurd!

Join Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen as they tear off the lid to some of the silliest class-action lawsuits in this episode. Laugh along as they retell cases concerning Charmine, Velveeta, and Kellogg’s and how not every claim has a case!

Listen in as they discuss:

  • Why many lawyers are thought to be frivolous and predatory
  • How class-action lawsuits aren’t always more substantial than an individual suit
  • Why you should take information and instructions listed on products at face-value
  • And more

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